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Tumblr: Best Microblogging Platform

Tumblr is a new kind of social network where you can express and discover yourself. Through this microblogging platform, users can post small blogs and share photos, discuss videos and reblog other posts, chat with bloggers they follow and search various blogs by keywords and hashtags. Spread your ideas across large audiences and become a famous blogger.

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Tumblr, Inc.
Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
 Google Play, iTunes
9 years ago

Interface – 8/10

After setting up you must enter your email address, password and blog name. Then upload a profile image. To get started, customize your blog or move on to the dashboard. At the top of Tumblr page, you will see a search box and add tags you are interested in, i.e. design, architecture, news, travel, etc. In the middle of the screen, there will be recommended Tumblrs. You can manage your account with the option located at the bottom of the page: Dashboard, Explore, Activity and Account. Play with Themes and Appearance where you can find a wide selection of them, from dark and gloomy to spacious and colorful. Now let’s try to create a new post. Draft a headline and write a body. You can also add a link, a video or image to it. Post it immediately or schedule your post to appear later.

Features – 9/10

What are the key features and specialities of Tumblr?

Fast blogs-on-the-go are becoming more and more popular, they are super simple and graphical interface allows posting messages, photos, images, links and videos at the same time. Users can also create their own GIFs and add stickers. Your microblog page is fully customizable: you can change fonts, colors, and layout.

Found an interesting topic? Reblog it to your page and add your comments. If you don’t want to discuss anything, just follow the bloggers you like and watch their news and thoughts.  Private conversations are also available.

Performance and User Experience – 8.5/10

Most users like Tumblr as it is a unique mobile blogging experience because you can connect with people who have similar interests. It’s a good way to express creativity and find a community willing to listen. Some people can become your true friends for lifelong. As for disadvantages, some users complain about GIFs and find it frustrating to get them even when the latest version has been updated. Some parents say that the app contains inappropriate content which is not moderated properly. I’d recommend parents to keep an eye on Tumblr as there may be some toxic communities with disgraceful comments. And yes, Tumblr works better on a PC or laptop rather than on iPad or mobile.

Devices Compatibility – 8/10

The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

The Verdict

Tumblr is something between a professional blog and Twitter. It is not just a social media, it’s a great source when you start a blog and want to make something more personal and specific interest oriented. So, you will be able to create and absorb other users’ content. It simplifies the process of maintaining a blog for entry-level bloggers. Build your own community, share items and images you are interested in and find like-minded people worldwide.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Download for free via Google Play and iTunes;
  • Visual rapid blog with minimum text;
  • Enormous userbase;
  • A wide variety of blog topics and communities;
  • Improvement of writing and oratory skills.


  • Contains ads;
  • Limited design control;
  • Small text field;
  • The dashboard looks confusing for beginners, i.e. the interface may seem too graphical;
  • Paid custom domains.
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