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Grindr – Meet & Date, Gay chat

Grindr is one of the top social network apps created for gays, bisexuals and transsexuals looking for friends or mates nearby. The history of the project started back in 2009. Grindr founders claim the project is a lot more than just another dating app, it provides an opportunity to find people with a similar mindset and spread worthy ideas.

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Grindr LLC
3.4.1 for iOS
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Google Play, iTunes
10 months ago

Interface – 7/10

The app design hasn’t changed a lot since 2009, it remains easy-to-use, well-structured and very basic graphical representation. This is not bad at all, as it helps loyal users feel at home. Newly registered users can create an account right on the lead page in a few clicks without confirmations or photos required. It helps to grow the amount profiles registered, but at the same time increases the chance of fake profiles with unclear intentions. The navigation isn’t difficult but isn’t super intuitive either. My overall rating is 7/10.

Features – 6/10

  • The newly updated app version features include:
  • Location-based selection of guys nearby;
  • Informative profiles with large photos;
  • Private chat with media file exchange;
  • Customized filters;
  • User report option;
  • Opportunity to add users to favourites or block them;
  • Send location option.

This is what a basic free app version can offer. If you want more, you must subscribe for Grindr XTRA before you get attacked by DOZENS of ads (some of them are a subject to report, by the way – according to some user reviews and my personal experience).

When boosting your account to Grindr XTRA, you can exhale and rest from ads, see 6 times more profiles, benefit from premium filters (e.g. show only online or only with photos and a lot more), get unlimited power for blocking users, save clichés for faster chatting and send several photos at once.

My verdict is only 6/10 for free version limits and non-moderated ads and some issues with exact location leaks described here.

Performance and user experience – 7/10

Both Google Play and App Store users are satisfied with app performance but complain about annoying timed ads showed almost before every action users take. That’s exactly what I felt. The App Store app rating is 2.1, the Google Play rating is slightly more optimistic – 3.6. Most of 1-star comments are about greedy company marketers and terrifying add attack. I can’t leave this unnoticed either. Some of the reviews are about insufficient protection from fakes and aggressive homophobes – haven’t noticed any, but I’ve been using the app for a few days only. It’s up to you to decide. However, the app is still on Google and Apple recommendations, in case you search for gay social networking.

Devices Compatibility – 5/10

Grindr is an app for not all, but most of Android mobile devices. Depending on the device, relatively new Android versions are required. The app works on iPhones and iPads, and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 and later. No idea, why it can’t work on 7.0, for example, the app functionality isn’t incredible to require top platform versions. There is no official version for Windows Phone so far, this is a major reason for 5/10 mark. However, you can get an APK for Windows Phone here.

The Verdict

There is hardly a gay mobile user, who never installed Grindr. This is one of the most popular gay dating product and a perfect hookup app according to many reviews. Easy sign-up, along with geotargeting, is useful to a regular search of new connections. As there are not so many competitors in this field, the app marketers lost their shame and decided to place an unbelievable number of ads to push users to the paid version. The functionality for a free version is still okay, but user experience suffers.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • A fast-working niche app;
  • Geotargeting;
  • Clear interface.


  • Extremely annoying ads;
  • No profile verification via email and a lot of fake profiles;
  • The user data protection is not sufficient.
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