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BeeTalk – Video the Moments

BeeTalk is one of the major competitors for Snapchat also featuring self-destructing messages as a key tool. The Thailand-based app offers free messaging, audio and video chats. Its unique selling point is expanding this hot self-destructing trend: in BeeTalk you can send stickers, pictures, voice messages and doodles that also disappear immediately after being read. Is it worth trying or it’s better to look for alternatives?

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BeeTalk Private Ltd
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Google Play, iTunes
11 months ago

Interface – 9/10

The BeeTalk app interface looks smooth and nice to me, no unnecessary decorative elements, but it still does look pretty. The GUI is super intuitive, the navigation is seamless and fast. Make sure you go to settings right after the app is installed (this may not be obvious) to customize its performance: e.g. to hide the display of full messages on your device screen, even when it is locked. Not to find yourself in an awkward situation.

Features – 7/10

The BeeTalk app features:

  • Free unlimited calls and messages;
  • Look around and Radar features to look for BeeTalk users nearby and make friends;
  • ‘Whisper’ feature – your text and voice messages, stickers and pictures are self-destructed either right after they were read or in 15 seconds.
  • Doodle for most expressive art;
  • Group chats.

BeeTalk Club and Forum to build a great community of people with the same interests.
In this app description for all Android devices, you can notice a footnote “Some of the above features are only available in selected countries” – I haven’t checked for which countries it is limited, but the general thing is weird. Like in similar apps – the age restriction is only de-jure. There is no protection or censorship so the product may be dangerous for teens. The same applies to groups – unfiltered and unlimited content available for members and non-members. Radar needs customization options and filters. In general, we got 7/10.

Performance and user experience – 8/10

All-in-all my UX was pleasant enough. The app didn’t crush and showed no errors. Looking through user reviews on App Store and Google Play, I got an overall positive impression of app performance on many devices besides mine. Google Play shows more than half a million 5-star reviews with only 84 thousand 1-star reviews and problem reports. Android app is rated with 4.1/5 – very good. The user experience is almost flawless, the video quality is nice, all the steps users need to take are well-thought-out. I rate it with 8/10.

Devices Compatibility – 8/10

To install BeeTalk on your device you either need to have Android 4.1 and up or an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 8.0 and up. The official BeeTalk version is not available for Windows Phones, but there are plenty of options for APK get for Windows Phone and desktop. We rate the app with 8/10 for its availability for earlier Android and iOS versions and lack of official Windows Phone version.

The Verdict

Choosing among other apps for text and audio messaging, videos, user groups and communities by interests and hobbies – you can feel free to choose BeeTalk. It provides high functionality, user-friendly interface, very good devices compatibility and a lot of outstanding perks necessary for sharing captivating content. You can make use of it looking for a short-term relationship or for people with a similar mindset. However, having one on your device will look suspicious for your already existing mate, family or colleagues if they are ‘in’.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Outstanding performance on most of devices;
  • Free and fast video and audio calls;
  • Adequate requirements for platform version.


  • No version for Windows Phone;
  • Unfiltered content and no age verification;
  • Bad reputation (mainly used for sexting), so not suitable for business use.
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