Appspit | Birthdays for Android: You’ll Never Miss Any Important Day
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Birthdays for Android: You’ll Never Miss Any Important Day

If you always forget about your friends’ birthdays and other important dates, Android has developed a great solution for you: Birthdays for Android will remind you of anything you need absolutely free. All anniversaries and birthdays may be added manually or synchronized with your contacts. You can set up reminders in advance or on the important date itself. Don’t lose track of your calendar and special events throughout the year!

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1 year ago

Interface – 9.5/10

After geting the app on your mobile, the first thing you should do is to synchronize it with your contact list. Enter the dates of birth, and the app will show an age of a person, how many days are left until the special date and his or her Western and Chinese zodiac sign. The Notification gives you three options: Congratulate, Remind later and Close notification.  Then choose time and sound for your notifications. If you are too lazy to write congratulations again and again, you can create message templates.

Users can see all upcoming birthdays on their home screen using a widget. It’s a nice reminder to congratulate your loved ones via message or a call.

Features – 7.5/10

So, if you always forget about your family’s and friends’ BDs, let’s see whether this app is worth installing:

  • A great tool to remind you about special events with colorful widgets;
  • After the synchronization with your mobile device, you can add and edit any events right in the app. You will see which day of the week the event takes place and be able to arrange everything in advance and find an amazing gift;
  • Secure backups to the eternal storage to easily transfer your data to another device anytime you need;
  • The app tracks Western and Chinese zodiac signs, so you’ll never miss a chance to congratulate your loved ones additionally;
  • If there are any phone number duplicates, Birthdays for Android will automatically delete them;
  • The app will work and send you a notification even if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Performance and User Experience – 8/10

The app’s latest version has really become better. Users can import all the events from Google Calendar, and a scrollbar for long notes has appeared. They have also improved some notifications and fixed bugs. The app is very easy to use. Let’s have a look what other people think about it. It may seem strange, but a few users complained that reminders come at incorrect dates or the app cannot retrieve the data. Due to some bugs, some dates were shifted to the few days in advance. Some users note that the app shows only 1970 by default and the year cannot be changed. I would recommend checking all the dates after each update. Note, that Facebook does not allow sharing birthday data with third-party apps, so check your entries not to embarrass people in the future.

Devices Compatibility – 8/10

The app is compatible with mobiles and tablet PCs working on Android.

The Verdict

We have so many things to do every day that it’s quite difficult to keep everything in mind constantly. Birthdays for Android will make your life a little easier, and you’ll never upset your friends by forgetting dates important to them. Moreover, the app allows you to save data on external storages using OTG or a miscroSD.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Download for free via Google Play;
  • The app is synchronized with your mobile’s contact list, and the data may be exported to external storage;
  • Full security of your personal data;
  • Birthday countdown;
  • No ads


  • No birthdays import from Facebook;
  • Available for Android only;
  • No greeting Ecards
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