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Facebook Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger is an excellent application for those who always communicate with their friends and relatives actively. Only Facebook users could register here until 2015, but now that requirement does not work, everyone can open an account in the program! If you want to create an account, you just need to enter your phone number. Possibilities in the Messenger are much greater than in typical social networks.

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Interface – 9/10

The interface is understandable, not overloaded with redundant functions, so novice users will quickly figure out what’s what.

Users of iPhone and iPad liked the latest version of Messenger with the updated interface. Now all the messages you receive can be seen at the top of the page. Immediately after the messages, the list of contacts with which the user communicates most often is displayed.

You can see a reminder of the birthdays of your friends and other important events lower. To congratulate your friend on his birthday, just click on the home screen. Under important notifications, there is a list of contacts that are online now.

Features – 9/10

With this useful tool, you can find an old classmate, the second cousin of your ex-wife and any other acquaintances. For this, you only need to know the name or phone number of the user.

Almost all types of communications are present in the program. Do you want to share family photos with relatives? Is it convenient for you to enter text messages? Or do you like to send voice messages? All this is possible in Messenger. In addition, it is free to get.

In this application, you can call several friends, relatives and neighbours at the same time! All users can comfortably communicate in a group chat.

We can not always convey our feelings in text messages. In these cases, we are helped by smiles, emoticons, stickers and GIF and all these are in Messenger. You can add new masks and interesting effects to the video chat. This application allows you to save skilful photos and videos, share content in conversations and send them to your Day.

Performance and User Experience – 9/10

It is very convenient that the Messenger from Facebook allows you to communicate with people from different countries, where there is the Internet. It works well even if the connection quality is poor. The developers have envisaged all means of communication. When someone calls or writes a message, a notification comes with a pleasant sound. It is convenient to send messages. There are many emoticons that can replace the whole sentences.

Even if you have a few friends and acquaintances, in Messenger you do not get bored. There are several dozens of interesting games. If you want to play, you do not need to get any update to the device.

Devices Compatibility – 9/10

This application works on all mobile and desktop devices. You have the opportunity to go online from your phone, tablet, computer or any other device! It will be convenient for you to keep in touch with your friends, relatives and colleagues. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Verdict

In general, Messenger is quite a convenient application for communication, but it seems superfluous to many Facebook users. You can use the system to work. In this case, Messenger is much more convenient than Skype, because it allows you to communicate in any way, guarantees the security of messages when encryption is enabled.

The program uses a lot of data at work, because of this it consumes a lot of traffic and quickly discharges the device’s charge – this is another inconvenience. Otherwise, Messenger is excellent!






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Free to use;
  • High speed;
  • Sending any type of content;
  • Security when enabling message encryption.


  • Large size;
  • Saves all messages in Facebook even when you delete the Messenger;
  • Takes a lot of traffic.
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