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Puffin Web Browser – attractive and convenient browser

According to the developers, Puffin is an indecently fast browser that simplifies the use of the network from mobile and computer devices. The application can be used to search information on the Internet, communication, entertainment, work and for other purposes.

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CloudMosa Inc.
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android 4.0 and up
Google Play, iTunes
11 months ago

Interface – 9/10

The design is beautiful, stylish and modern, quite interesting. If you’ve used Opera, this browser will seem pretty convenient. They have a similar interface.

Interface properties:

  • dark windows;
  • one type of font (not in the settings);
  • a list of the most visited sites;
  • a heart icon with a list of bookmarks;
  • a circle icon with new Internet applications (often games);
  • a library of games;
  • several search engines;
  • the panel with tabs.

If you are a user of the Chrome browser, at first, this interface will seem unusual and complex, but then you will get used to it.

Features – 8/10

The user can optionally change the theme, effects when touching, save passwords from Internet resources, delete history. You can also customize the flash elements. There are 5 options. The choice depends on the power of your device.

You can also extend the functionality with extensions. There are an excellent translator, mail clients and other useful extensions. But the ad blocker is not enough in the Android app.

Uploading files to cloud services is possible. You can upload content to Android mobile devices or accounts in cloud services. The speed of geting files is high. You can get about 20 megabytes. The maximum size is 100 megabytes. If your needs are greater, you need to pay a dollar every month.

The latest versions of the Puffin browser for Android and Windows devices are equipped with a special data encryption system that protects users’ personal information from hackers. That’s why you can safely use even unprotected connections.

Performance and User Experience – 7/10

The feeling of using Puffin is incredible. It provides super-fast loading of pages and fast loading of content on devices and cloud services. And all this is done in a secure environment thanks to reliable encryption. There are such necessary functions as incognito, adding a site to bookmarks, changing the interface, etc. It is inconvenient that it is not possible to create an account in the service and synchronize all the information. This is not a bad app for all Android devices.

Devices Compatibility 10/10

Previously, Puffin was only available for devices in the iOS operating system. Now, this browser can also be got to Google Android and Windows.

Do you want to find the application on Google Play for ease of use of the Internet? This app is suitable. There are mobile and desktop versions of the browser. You can also choose a free or paid version (in the second case there will be around-the-clock support for the Flash player).

The Verdict

Puffin Browser is an excellent application for iPhone, iPad and various mobile devices. It works much faster than other browsers but it also requires more traffic. This is a very convenient tool for online games, the Flash player is built into the system, so gamers do not need to get anything else. The browser is quite light and does not create a significant load on the device.

Using the browser is convenient, it is often updated. You can change the interface to a more suitable.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Very high speed;
  • Presence of the Flash-player by default;
  • Takes up little memory;
  • A small load on the device due to the use of overlay resources.


  • Round-the-clock Flash player support only in paid version;
  • Slow loading of pages with a lot of images when the internet is weak;
  • Takes a lot of traffic.
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