Appspit | textPlus – all your mobile operators offer but for free?
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textPlus – all your mobile operators offer but for free?

The textPlus app is a helpful founding for those who enjoy messages and calls and want to save money on both. The app will be highly valued by USA and Canada residents for unlimited free texting and by those who temporarily or permanently live outside these countries – as it provides you with a real US phone number to make and receive calls and texts worldwide.

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iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android 4.1 and up
Google Play, iTunes
11 months ago

Interface – 8/10

The textPlus interface resembles WhatsApp to a certain extent. Could they invent something new maybe? The colours are green and white, the interface can be divided in the three-window layout:

  • On the left you can see recently used contacts;
  • On the bottom there is a tool for adding contacts to quick-text section;
  • On the right, our message exchange history is stored.

There is an ad section that can be removed for about $3 annually – however, it is not annoying, I would put it 2/5, where 5 is unbearable. All-in-all this is not bad, but 8 for lack of originality in design.

Features – 9/10

The key tool of this app is texting and calling from the real mobile number for free. You can either use your own or choose a new one. Other features of the latest textPlus version include:

  • MMS;
  • Group chats;
  • Voicemail;
  • A bunch of stickers, gifs, emoticons and other perks for vivid and emotional communication;
  • Voice messages;
  • In-built games;
  • Free cloud hosting to store your message history and get access from anywhere.

A textplus app is a perfect tool for US and Canada residents on vacation abroad. It can be used for private or business communication when you need a new mobile number you don’t want to pay monthly for. 9/10 because there is no limit to perfection and more security could be added.

Performance and user experience – 5/10

I’ve been using the app for a week and noticed no significant bugs or crashes on my Android. However, some users report sudden shutdowns, mostly on iOS. No idea, if it is a major problem. I liked a lot that app team answers every single review containing a problem and offers solutions. It doesn’t look like “The app fails to work on Android 4.1 – Sorry for an unpleasant experience, we hope everything gets better in an update”. Thanks for your care. In general, the lead looks a bit outdated. There are a lot of modern analogues to switch to with similar functions.

Devices Compatibility – 7/10

The textplus tool is available for most Android devices: it requires Android 4.1 minimum. With iOS it is not so optimistic: the platform support starts from iOS 9.3 – seriously? I guess people with newest iOS devices won’t even use it when there are so many competitors over there. However, you can find textPlus at Microsoft Store in a very beautiful design, available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 8. I wanted to make 6/10, but for Windows Phone, it is 7.

The Verdict

The app textPlus would be nice to have if you want to make personal or business calls from abroad or need to hide your active phone number. It may help a lot to cut mobile expenses, especially for children, senior people or students. Just another nice communication channel to try. Developers have been working on it for almost a decade trying to make it better with every single update. In general, I like it and would use it for business calls, if I need.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Completely free calls, chatting and media files exchange;
  • Using your own or new US number;
  • Convenient group texting.


  • Some messages can be automatically marked as spam;
  • Tough competition with other messengers and similar apps – few contacts using it;
  • Ads.
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