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Find my Friends: Locate Friends in Real Time

Find My Friends is a free app that provides you with your friends’ and families location. Just invite them to share areas where they are at the moment by choosing them from your contacts or entering their email addresses.

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Family Safety Production
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Google Play, iTunes
11 months ago

Interface – 9/10

Setting up takes just a couple of minutes. The interface layout is very simple to use. You will find the main options in Location Services menu. Upon installation go to Settings and Location Services to locate your device. Now you can add your friends and share your location with them. Just click Add button on the right corner of the screen. Remember that your friends can track you only when you give consent to it. You can also follow your friends and manage contacts. Note that you can also use 3D Touch on the app’s widget to find a favourite, send an email to a contact or start a video call. Parents can set restrictions for children using Restrictions and Enable Restrictions features. If you want to set up notifications, just pick up allow Notifications in Settings and choose Notify Me. If you don’t want to be tracked, just hide your location.

Features – 8,5/10

Let’s have a look at the app’s key features:

  • GPS locator which show location and distance from your friends in real time;
  • Colourful interface;
  • Find your friends on a map and find out where they have dinner, study or dance;
  • Navigating assistance: get directions from your friends if you get lost;
  • Parental control throughout the day and geofence for children when users can set up a location radius and get notifications if a kid left the prescribed area;
  • Share news about new restaurants, cinemas, sightseeing and other interesting places;
  • Stay in touch with your friends 24/7 chatting individually or in the group;
  • Group communicator for coordination your plans with friends;
  • Automatic listing of police stations, hospitals and fire departments;
  • Notifications on car accidents and traffic jams;
  • You can find your lost phone if GPS is on.

Performance and User Experience – 8/10

Sometimes users complain about inaccurate location and server errors. The app may be slow to refresh location, and notifications can be delivered in a few hours. However, the app proved to be a good tool for parental control. It helps to make sure your loved ones are safe when you cannot get in touch with them. In its latest version, subscribers will find bug fixes and support for iOS 11.

Devices Compatibility – 9/10

The app is available for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices including iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The Verdict

The app is an effective mobile locator. Find your Friends app is a useful tool for parents to track their kids throughout the day. The app also has good security options, i.e. no one can track you unless you give your consent to do that. In an emergency situation, users can indicate their location, too. It’s useful for businessmen to coordinate their meetings or conferences and for a group of friends when they meet in public locations.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Useful locator app to find your friends via GPS;
  • Download for free;
  • Chat with friends anytime;
  • Emergency alert;
  • Get directions if you get lost.


  • Locations are not always accurate;
  • Absence of the travel map;
  • Impossible to install the app for kid’s control without them knowing it;
  • Does not work in airplane mode;
  • Consumes much memory and data.
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