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Meet New People with Jaumo Flirt Chat & Dating

As I’m currently single, I decided to get this Jaumo app to find out what it’s all about. Jaumo offers its users the very basic features of dating apps such as finding new people and chatting with them. But what else do you want from a dating app?

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11 months ago

Interface – 9/10

Like the app itself, the interface is quite simple and intuitive. What I like the most about this app is its bright design that seems to cheer you up even if you can’t find someone interesting to chat. So, Jaumo is not only easy to navigate but also has a neat and cheerful design which I find especially important for dating apps. I give you big thumbs up for the interface, Jaumo.

Features – 7/10

As I mentioned earlier, the motto of this app is coming back to basics, so there are not so many features. First of all, there is the online radar that allows you to see people nearby who’re online at the moment. If you like a person, you can send them a «like» or a chat request. You also can see random profiles and swipe left or right with the random feature.

The Jaumo profile contains information about your gender, age, body type, relationship status, religion, the desire for children, you name it. Although filling in those segments isn’t mandatory and you can leave some of them blank. Also, you can see people who viewed your profile – as well as they can see you.

There are also «moments» that is basically a feed with users who have recently updated their status. I’m not a big fan of this one, but I do like the travel feature which allows you to find interesting people if you’re going to another city or even another country for a while. Who knows – maybe the love of your life lives up north while you’re down south?

Jaumo has a paid premium version that gives you the access to more useful features. But I can’t say anything about them as I’m not used to spending money on dating apps.

Performance and User Experience – 5/10

Honestly, my experience with Jaumo wasn’t that great. I do like the design and the simplicity of this app, and that’s it. It seems to me that too many scammers use Jaumo, and also there are quite a lot of fakes. Of course, there probably will be weirdoes and bots on any other dating app, but I ended up without even single meeting with a real person. There were just no girls nearby who seemed to be interesting in having a real conversation with me, so I gave up and moved on to another dating app.

Devices Compatibility – 8/10

The Jaumo app works on Android as well as iOS platform, and it’s also available for Windows. So, you can meet new people with Jaumo using pretty much any smartphone but, as we remember, there are not so many real people. If it matters to you, I heard that the majority of users – like 90 percent or so – have the Android version of Jaumo.

The Verdict

So, Jaumo is just one more dating tool that is meant to help you find new interesting people. In my case, not everything went smoothly but who knows what your experience with Jaumo will look like?

I believe this app would be especially interesting for those of you who prefer spontaneity and simplicity when it comes to dating – with it quick signup policy, short messages, and little cute gifts, Jaumo does encourage you to be a little bit more spontaneous.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Neat design and simple interface;
  • Basic features are free, and you can even test-drive the premium version for seven days for free, as the developers claim;
  • Privacy settings allow you to be as open as you want to: for instance, you can hide your location so that other users won’t see it.


  • There are a lot of fakes and scammers using Jaumo;
  • Users’ reviews reveal that the Jaumo customer service works not so well, although I had never tried to contact them;
  • There is nothing original about this app, and it doesn’t offer something special that other dating apps can’t provide.
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