Appspit | Meet4U – Chat, Love, Singles: Is This App Any Good?
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Meet4U – Chat, Love, Singles: Is This App Any Good?

Meet4U is just another dating app on the market, and I decided to give it a try and see whether it’s worth your attention or not. Long story short, it’s a regular dating tool with its pros and cons where it’s quite difficult to find someone for long-term and serious relationships. Anyway, let’s take a closer look.

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1 year ago

Interface – 6/10

The Meet4U interface is pretty intuitive and easy-to-use but mostly because it’s very similar to the other dating apps’ interfaces. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and original, theMeet4U design will probably disappoint you.

There are tabs for your own profile, search, chats, newsfeed, settings, and so on. When «finding flirts», as they call it, you can browse through all profiles, view just new ones or see accounts rated by popularity. Unfortunately, if you choose «new» or «rating», you get to see all profiles and not only people nearby.

Features – 6/10

The Meet4U features are similar to that of numerous other dating apps: you can view users’ profiles, chat with them, play encounters which are basically the well-known swiping left or right. There is also a newsfeed that shows the updates of the people in your area. Personally, I find this feature odd for a dating app, but maybe some of you will like it.

If you buy a premium Meet4U version, you get some extra features. For instance, you can send virtual gifts to users, see whether your message was read or not, and enjoy some other privileges of being a VIP member.

You can create an account either connecting your Facebook account to the Meet4U profile or register manually. In the former case, the app will import the basic info about you from the Facebook profile, including photos. In the latter case, you need to get the info and the photos manually and wait for them to be approved by moderators which can take a day or two. Then, you get access to the Encounters game.

Performance and User Experience – 5/10

The most disappointing thing for me is that there are so many scammers and fakes on Meet4U that it’s really difficult to find a real girl who is interested in conversations and meetings to get to know each other. I have a strong feeling that some girls using this app are hookers. Also, there are a lot of inactive profiles.

So, the main advice here is to be aware of scammers and be careful while using the app. Also, some users complain that someone used their number without their permission which isn’t the fault of the app itself but is a red flag anyway.

Devices Compatibility – 7/10

You can get Meet4U on any iOS-based or Android-based device. There is no computer version of the app, but I don’t think you want to have Meet4U on your laptop or PC as the mobile version is more than enough. Let alone there are plenty of dating sites if you prefer meeting new people in front of a computer.

The Verdict

The app claims that it helps to find new people nearby, but in reality, it’s pretty hard to do as you come across scammers from time to time. Meet4U may be okay for those of you who seek one-night stand, but if you’re interested in serious relationships or just meeting interesting people to become friends, you probably won’t achieve your goal with Meet4U. There are plenty of other dating apps on the market, so I recommend you to try something else.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Familiar and intuitive interface;
  • Free features are actually enough to meet people and talk to them;
  • You can easily create a profile on Meet4U using your Facebook account.


  • There are a lot of scammers and fakes on Meet4U, and the chances of finding a person for long-term relationships or even casual encounters are pretty low.
  • The app definitely lacks originality, especially when it comes to the main features;
  • To get some useful features, you need to buy the premium version.
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