Appspit | Will you Tell a Secret with Wickr Me?
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Will you Tell a Secret with Wickr Me?

Most people use WhatsApp, Kik and other Android and iOS apps to communicate with each other, but what about their privacy and security? No one wants to put its confidentiality at risk. Wickr Me is one of the most reliable and safe platforms with encrypted messages and calling. Even the app’s developers neither have access to your data and contact list nor store the information on their servers. Wickr uses the most innovative practices and encryption codes to make confidentiality easy.

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Wickr Inc
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1 year ago

Interface – 9.5/10

Your phone number and email are not required for the registration and login. After a quick setup, you’ll get an ID and be able to find your friends via Friend Finder feature or invite them to install the app. If you are not a fan of the complicated and multi-featured design, this app is right for you. The interface cannot be simpler. On the top of the page, you will see Messages and Friends boxes. Just tap and start your secret chat. Manual shredder option prevents deleted data from being recovered and deletes it using self-destruct timer. The time period varies from one second to a few days. I would recommend setting self-destruct timer for at least a few minutes so that you could understand whether your message has been sent and delivered.

You’ve probably heard the news that Wickr has released the code for public review and audit purposes. Don’t worry, the released protocol is only used in professional version, so it does not reflect your security options. As the app is not so widespread as Viber or WhatsApp, it can be difficult to get your friends to move away from familiar apps they trust and convince them to get Wickr.

Features – 8/10

Is Wickr Me worth installing? Well, let’s have a look at the app’s key features:

  • Developers use reliable encryption protocols, and no data is stored on the Wickr’s servers;
  • Encrypted voice memos and screen sharing;
  • Users can create group messaging of up to 10 people;
  • You can also share photos, videos and other files. Photos can be edited (change of colors, crop, or add painting elements);
  • You can also customize Shredder option and delete data any time you need;
  • A secure group calling and call conferencing for Pro version.

Performance and User Experience – 8.5/10

Let’s have a look at the users’ reviews. Are they satisfied with the app? Some users say it works great until you update your mobile phone. Indeed, the latest version has a few bugs, but the developers ensure us they will be fixed soon. Sometimes people are not notified when they receive a new message, i.e. messages don’t go through.

Devices Compatibility – 9.5/10

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and even Linux.

The Verdict

Even with its released encryption code, Wickr Me remains one of the best security tools with excellent usability. No government authorities hacked into it. It’s designed for personal and business use and installed by large corporations to exchange valuable information. With its new encryption key, messages and files are almost impossible to break. This app is a nice tool if confidentiality is of key importance.






Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Download for free via iTunes or Google Play;
  • Several layers of data encryption;
  • Messages are deleted after a certain period of time;
  • Stickers and emoji for fun use;
  • No screenshots of content.


  • Developers have released the crypto code of Wickr Professional to the open source;
  • Relatively small userbase;
  • No syncing between devices. Users cannot send messages or call to a mobile phone number using the app;
  • No video calls;
  • Some features are available only for Pro version.
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